Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fast forward to summer fruit

needle felt, small project, strawberry

Today I finished an other small needle felt project. The little holes the needle leaves in the felt finaly came in handy. They add to the structure of the strawberry, and are great for pinning in the little seeds.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A bird in the cats bowl

needle felt animal bird
For a split second I thought the cat had caught something and put it in her bowl. On closer inspection it appeared to be one of the felted animals I made. It's a robin waiting to get finished. It still needs feet and a further trimming of loose fibers, especially now that the cat has been walking around with it. I do take it as a compliment that she nicked my bird.
needle felt animal, robin in ivy
Stuck in some ivy the felt bird does not look too bad, does it?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Last night, the moon was very close to the earth. On a Dutch news site I read this: "The distance between earth and moon is a mere 221566 miles while on average the distance is 238544 miles. That is why we see the biggest moon in nearly 18 years, that is, if the sky is clear." 

And clear it was. I took a picture of the moon as I could see it from behind our home. That is why you see chimneys and with a little bit of imagination they look like tree tops.
Full moon close to the earth
It is a shame that pictures never do justice to the moon. You can't really see how big or beautiful she was that night. Of course there are such pictures, but they were not taken with my little camera.

Once I drove with my sister over the Afsluitdijk at night. On the water of the IJsselmeer lake we saw something that looked like an enormous lit sail of a ship. We could not believe our eyes. A gigantic sailboat with a lit sail? Or perhaps a hot air balloon, something on the other side of the lake? We were both fascinated by this extraordinary spectacle. After a while we realized that what we saw was the moon. Big, not quite full, and just above the water. Last night my sister and I talked about this. She too remembers it as if it were yesterday. It was magical. It may easily have been 18 years ago...

Below a painting and a drawing I once did of the moon. I have a thing for this celestial body.
painting, acrylic, hands uplifted towards full moon

personal Eternity Game card Moon
The words are Guide, Silence, Mystery, Reflection

Monday, March 14, 2011


Long ago, when my I was living together with just my dog and cat, I sometimes signed letters and cards not only with my name, but also with a little paw print of the animals. I never completely lost that habit, even though I am now living together with a gentleman. To make this blog even more personal I made this little icon that appears in the url. If you do see a little paw print now in the url, I managed :-) (Unfortunately, this does not work in Internet Explorer).
favicon paw print

Friday, March 11, 2011


Spring is rearing it's head, and so is the rhubarb. Last week I saw the first signs of red peeping through the earth, and now a small leaf is visible. I bought the plant last year at a garden center, but it was late in the season. I did not get to harvest more than a few scrawny stalks. I am hoping this year will be better and that the plant will settle for a big pot instead of being planted out.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why not?

Every time I find myself on a blog I like, this idea of wanting to start one myself creeps up on me. So far I have been able to keep myself from doing so by coming up with thousands of reasons why I shouldn't. But why wouldn't I? I am going to give it a go.

Update March 21, 2011.
PS: The blog has been 'live' for about two weeks now, and I am narrowing down on what I want to write about. Knitting and crochet are bound to come along. Especially the knitting of socks, since it is a small project, easy to take with you. Also creativity in the shape of drawing or painting is a topic. In one of the blogs above there are two examples of my work. I like designing and coming up with things to make. If I find a tutorial or a pattern I have tried, I'll be sure to post a link.
I will probably also be writing about the adventures in the garden, or better said little terrace behind our home. Every year I grow tomatoes and all kinds of herbs. I love cooking with fresh herbs, and eating food from my own garden. In short, here you will be reading about creativity, either at home or in the garden.

I hope you enjoy reading what I am writing,